Dara is gifted psychic medium based in NYC area. After many years as professional in the broadcast television industry, who left a successful career to pursue her “soul’s work” as an intuitive consultant and healer. Mediumistic tendencies and astonishing psychic awareness remained unharnessed as she chased worldly pursuits in her career. She knew the Universe was ready for her to serve on another level. By embracing this natural calling to serve Spirit through evidential mediumship, she now works as a professional psychic medium, human and animal holistic healer and intuitive career coach.

Dara began to understand her gift and develop her intuitive and healing abilities in the early 90s. She has been aware of her gift of spirit communication since age 6 trying to prevent a tragedy from happening in her immediate family. After this tragedy, her not understanding her gift she shut herself down as much as possible but she was always able to communicate with animals and her claircognizance always kicked in when needed in her life and on her off beaten travels. Her intuitive gifts blossomed, first finding expression as a psychic mediumship and then started working and understanding on her healing ability.

Dara has spent many years traveling the world and developing her spiritual path deepening her spirituality and experiencing her own enlightenment to follow her true spiritual calling. Through her extensive search and personal quest of studying spirituality, religion, healing modalities she has a vast range of knowledge and techniques to assist you as a guide in healing and coming into your own truth of your own highest self-awareness. She works with your Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters and Archangels to assist in this process. She has studied psychic/mediumship development, animal communication, herbalism and different healing modalities with world-renowned psychic mediums, herbalist, and healers across the United States. She has undergone extensive training in Mediumship, Herbalism, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and is an After-Life Doula.

Dara has used her abilities as a psychic and a medium to help people resolve issues concerning career, family, and health, as well as to help them to reconnect with loved ones who have crossed to the spirit world. She has proved to be a compassionate, truthful and empathic in her sessions. She brings a wealth of intuitive talents, along with outstanding communications skills, to benefit her clients. She uses her natural intuitive gifts and the mystery of the tarot deck to guide her clients through times of difficulty or simply to help them continue to move in a positive direction.

Dara is different from other psychic mediums because through her readings she gives her clients the tools to lead a better life. She will guide you how to manifest your true desires with simple and effective techniques. She empowers you by giving you accurate psychic mediumship readings. Her healing is done through loving Universal Energy. With the help of God and the Spirits that surrounds her, she can help heal emotional and physical wounds, and help you find peace in the midst of life’s storms.